Dawson Boutique embraces the concepts of fit, fashion, function and style for your best look.

Do you ever feel disheveled, that your clothes are not coordinated or that you desire a makeover?

Would you like to become more skilled at coordinating your outfits?

Do you want to discover many ways to look your best?

Dawson Boutique embraces the concepts of fit, fashion, function and style for your best look.

Dawson Boutique is Ireland’s premier image consultancy service where we will give you all the personal styling attention you need. With decades of experience, we have provided clients with everything from wardrobe makeovers to image branding and building with our online personal stylist.

Sophisticated image assistance from your personal stylist for your perfect look are conveniently provided through digital services.

Our personalized image consultations are dedicated to eliminating needless spending on fashion that just doesn’t fit your life. Our simple style analysis will help you reclaim your closet virtually through our fashion advice online services.

You will love discovering the colours and style that flatter you the most with our fun analysis and consultations.

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  • I discovered this special Boutique very recently and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT. Great quality pieces…They endeavour to bring the best designs from an array of great designers. Mary
  • I recommend Dawson Boutique. Lovely clothes- great service.
    My purchases from there are always admired by my friends and sometimes even strangers.

Benefits of a personal stylist or image consultant

Image consultants craft long-term looks and create a personal brand that can be leveraged in both the corporate world and private life. Combining the art of colour with the power of style, our image consultants create personal branding by targeting areas that will bring out your best.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to benefit from the assistance of a personal stylist or image consultant. If you aren’t satisfied with how you look, our team will work with you to conquer everything that affects your image of success.

You don’t need to be built like a supermodel to look like one. No matter your physique, our services are guaranteed to make you look like you’re about to take centre stage. We love working with real people.

Dawson Boutique works with clients from all over the world. Through our online personal stylist services, we are able to determine the clothing styles you are most drawn to and assemble a wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best. All from the comfort of your own home.

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