Personal Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping

Hire an Image Consultant for a Wardrobe Edit and Tips for your Personal Shopping! Online or in-person.

Feeling lost every time you go into a clothing store? No idea what to buy to be certain it looks good on you? Then you will love our Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping package!

An image consultant can help you find your way around your wardrobe, as well as around a clothing store. We live in a world with many fashion options for every taste, pocketbook, and style. Let us help you find great choices.

How do you make the right choices for your style, fit, shape, seasonal colour analysis, and occasion?

The answer is simpler than you might think, let us review your wardrobe during our zoom session and allow us to help from the comfort of your home to fill the gaps and start the wardrobe design.

You will find the best options in the quickest and most efficient way.

We will do a wardrobe review online during two 90 minute – zoom sessions.

We will show you on zoom the most successful combinations and possible purchases to assess your specific needs.

You can then select any purchases during the call. If there are any items we are unable to find due to sizing or colour options, we will attempt to source these items for you.

Once you decide which products you wish to purchase, you can do so through one of our Personal Shopping and Wardrobe links.

Please note, payment for purchases and shipping is required at the time of the ordering. Prompt refunds for items returned will be made.

After you receive your “confidence box” (that’s what we call your delivery boxes containing well planned options), we will do a quick 60- minute Zoom meeting for you to model the product/s for assessment or evaluation, followed by email support.

Further offerings and special purchases will be presented during the zoom meeting that are not available on the website that will suit your style and colour personality.

3 months of email support is included for your purchases.

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Personal Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping
Plus the Renewal Stylist Consultation (online)
Total value €559, saving €69

Includes three 2 hour Zoom calls, wardrobe analysis, colour and personality experience and
body shape consultation. Followed by 1 hour follow up and 6 months of email support.

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In-person Consultation
Including Colour Analysis and Personality, Shape, Fit & Style and Corporate Image if required.
Minimum purchase of €300. Subject to availability and location.

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Renewal Stylist Upgrade (online)
If you have already completed a renewal stylist consultation, add the Personal Wardrobe Edit & Personal Shopping consultation.

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What our customers say

  • I have found many wonderful items, but my favourite was a navy coat which is so different and eye-catching and designed to make heads turn! The tops I bought were much admired and different. Louise
  • I have complete satisfaction with my purchases over the years from the Dawson boutique. Shopping with Iris is a pleasure, a most enjoyable interactive experience without pressure to purchase. She is a very bubbly, fun person with a good eye. The quality of clothes I have purchased has been fantastic and worth every cent. Items purchased include fantastic trousers, jeans and coats. Susan