Personalised Colour Analysis & Colour Personality

Do you have trouble finding the perfect colours for clothes, accessories, make-up?

Discover how to achieve the perfect look for you with your very own customized seasonal colour and personality analysis.

The colours you wear affect how other people see you, and also affect how you feel about yourself.  When you’re wearing the best colours for your physical and psychological colouring, you will not only look fabulous, but you will feel amazingly confident.

You deserve a professional colour and personality analysis. You will know exactly what to wear so that you can present the very best version of yourself on every occasion.

This package includes:

  • A 90-minute zoom meeting with your Image Consultant
  • A personalized report you can refer to afterwards
  • A 30-minute phone or zoom follow up meeting
  • A questionnaire to be completed prior to the follow-up meeting
  • A digital seasonal swatch
  • A complimentary item that will be custom selected for you.

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Why Is Colour So Important?

Think about how colour makes you feel. Isn’t orange vibrant and doesn’t red evoke strong feelings? Do you see green as the more energizing colour and black as the most elegant one?
Colour is important for image consultants because it helps complement skin tones and styles down to the smallest detail. Well-dressed women know how to use colour to enhance their look—and that is precisely what a personal stylist does to help!

Our 12-season colour analysis, a version of the more classic four-season colour analysis, is here to help you find your style with colours that look best on you from every point of view.

All you will have to do is book our Colour Analysis package, fill in a quick questionnaire, and schedule a call with your personal stylist to find out more about your colour personality!

We live and breathe colour

Here at Dawson Boutique, we live and breathe colour. We believe in the true power of using colour intelligently to convey your fashion message.

Notice that every marketer and graphic designer knows how important colour is when it comes to sending out the right messages as well as what an essential role colour plays in non-verbal communication!

There are 12 seasonal colour typologies, and every woman can find herself in one of these. Knowing this important bit of information will help you discover the colours that flatter you.
Combined with our image consultancy services, all this information will cement your style choice, helping you make the best choice for your skin tone and shape.

Dawson Boutique will also provide you an insight to help you coordinate your fashion style with your true personality. With our help, you will discover the ultimate truth about fashion: it’s not about trends. We focus on personality and knowing yourself down to the smallest detail.
These are all interesting topics to explore, especially if you want to be certain the image you project really matches your inner self and your aspirations authentically.

Let’s have a chat about all these fascinating subjects and transform how you see yourself and how others see you too.

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