Renewal Stylist Consultation

Sometimes, you might have a last-minute event to attend, and you would like to engage your professional image consultant’s help. Or you might want help deciding what is best to wear on an important social engagement. Or, maybe you would like to plan a shopping session and would like your personal stylist to help you make your best fashion choices.

Whatever it is, be assured that our Renewal Stylist’s finishing touches, is here to help you create an amazing look—to dress for success and help you feel extremely self-confident. Our advice has helped women just like you to increase confidence, empower work lives, and command the respect and attention they deserve. We can help you enhance your look by using simple steps to simplify your approach to fashion while helping you learn, appreciate, and accentuate your unique features.

Provide us with what we need to know to help you by completing a quick questionnaire. These questions are meant to help her to get to know you better, so she can help you with your personalised style advice for your best look.

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Includes two 2 hour Zoom consultations, 1 hour follow-up and 3 months of email support after the consultation.

Also includes a mini-wardrobe edit and shopping assistance.

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(inc. 23% VAT)

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Renewal Stylist + Colour Swatches
(Colour swatch value normally €60)

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Renewal Stylist + Colour Swatches
+ up to 15 items delivered for consideration

(Colour swatch value normally €60)
Includes free returns. Excludes the cost of items which is payable on approval.

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What our clients say

  • It is always a pleasure to do business with you and great service. As for Iris she is always so helpful and knows exactly what is good for the customers. Anne Byrne
  • Iris gently gave me wonderful advice, I have found so many treasures and many of my friends have remarked about my amazing clothes. Iris is always helpful, positive and helps find the best for everyone.
    Mary M
  • Whether it's for casual wear or something more special for a big night out, you're in the safest pair of hands. See for yourself - I promise you won't be disappointed! Sue D
  • It is a treat consulting with Dawson Boutique. You will find lovely unique items and Iris has such a really good eye for what suits you. I always find something new that lifts my heart, and a smile on my face. Aileen

Why hire an image consultant?

Most people think hiring a personal stylist is the kind of expensive thing only the rich and famous can afford, but times have changed a lot since the idea of personal styling first appeared.
These days, image consultancy is accessible to everyone—and more than that, every woman deserves to have a personal stylist to advise her fashion choices.

Why would anyone hire an image consultant, though?

Well, to be honest, there are a million reasons to hire a personal stylist, and none of them have anything to do with being famous.

Every woman should know how to choose clothes that compliment her skin complexion, personality, body, and unique sense of self. This is not something superficial. It’s something that helps you build a personal brand filled with grace, strength, and elegance.

Hiring an image consultant makes sense from every point of view because:

  • It is an investment you make in yourself
  • It is a great move for your career because it will help you send out the best message
  • It will help you feel better about yourself and build up your self-confidence
  • It will save you time you would have otherwise spent looking for clothes
  • It will save you money you would have otherwise spent on clothes that just don’t fit you well

Finding a professional online personal stylist is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself and your future.

Dawson’s Boutique is here to help you navigate the intricate waters of fashion and style in a timely, efficient, and intelligent way.

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