Personalized Shape, Fit & Style

Hire an Image Consultant for a Your Personal Shape, Fit & Style Consultation and enjoy the bonus Style Personality and Complementary Follow up

Want to look good and feel great in your clothes? It’s easier than you think. Hire an image consultant to help you find the best shape, fit, and style for you.

Personal styling puts the focus on looking good and feeling great and more. It’s also about how self-assured you are and the image you project to the world.

Your personal stylist can transform how you see yourself and how to present yourself as a successful, beautiful, confident woman—which you most definitely are.

How to dress better?

A specialist online personal stylist will have all the answers you’re looking for.

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What our clients say

  • A visit to Dawson Boutique is like an exciting creative adventure, where the fashion-savvy Iris helps you put together a look that is exclusively and uniquely “you”. Felicity
  • I highly recommend the Dawson Boutique. I have bought many of their beautiful clothes over the years both for work and social occasions. Iris at Dawson Boutique will always find you the right outfit which compliments your body shape no matter what size you are. Teresa
  • I find your clothes amazing and your personal service excellent I love the styles and colours the combinations you have are amazing. I can't wait to go out for a night dressed in the best from the best The Dawson Boutique where style is captured and a woman feels like a queen again. Roslyn
  • The clothes are very stylish and you always feel so good when wearing out and about. Dawson Boutique has many beautiful dresses, shirts, tops, jackets, jeans and accessories so no matter what the occasion you will find a perfect jewel of a dress or coat to wear. Teresa

Find the Right Shape, Fit, & Style for YOU

Wondering how to find your style and the right clothes for your body shape and fit?

Women’s magazines tend to place everyone in just a handful of body shapes. There’s the hourglass, the apple, the pear, and the rectangle.
Professional image stylists know, however, that you cannot rely on just these categories to describe body shapes.

Here at Dawson Boutique, we use seven body shapes to help women find clothes that fit their bodies better: A, V, 8, H, I, X and O. All of these body shapes are determined based on the ratio between the shoulders, the waistline, and the hips.

All body shapes are remarkable, so don’t be fooled by mainstream media.

We will help you find clothes that flatter you in the most gorgeous ways, not just in terms of body shape but in terms of fit and style too. We have many years of experience in doing this.

More importantly, we know that true beauty and power are about more than fashion fads, sizes, and shapes.

Allow us to help you find your style and radiate with confidence!

Picking the right clothes to fit your body, shape, and style is obviously important.

But so is colour! The right colours will work miracles.

All the information you receive from your Dawson Boutique image consultant will help you create more than just flawless looks. You will also create a personal brand that ensures you be perceived at your most attractive.

Book a session with your online personal stylist today and find out how to dress better—not so much according to the latest fashion trends but according to who you are inside and out.

We will help you look and feel your best!

Trust us when we say this: you will thank yourself for having made this step.